Shopping Guide

Order steps

1)Order copy mail(Automatic reply)
4)Delivery-Mail(Tracking Number)


How to pay

The following bank transfers are available.
We can't accept other Terms of payment.
Payment in advance only.

  • 1)Japan Post
  • 2)Rakuten Bank
  • 3)The Bank Of Mitsubishi UFJ
  • 4)Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation


Customer has responsibility for bank transfer fee,duty and special delivery fee(EMS,Re-shipment,shipment for overseas except Japan) when it is required.


Delivery area

If you need delivery for another country,please contact us by email.

Shipping fee

Shipping fee is included in the item price,but when you select EMS,4,500yen is required per 1 packet.
When you need special delivery(Re-shipment,shipment for overseas except Japan),you should pay an additional fee and charge.

How many days does it take to accept items?

[REG(Registered mail)]
It takes about 7-14days from shipping date.
[EMS(Express Mail Service)]
It takes about 3-7days from shipping date.

**It may take much time that customs check items.

How to recieve

1)If you don't present to receive the product,the Japan post carrier leave a delivery notice card in your mailbox. Then please contact the Japan post for redelivery as soon as possible. After a storage period of one week or one month,Post office will return your product to our shop. If you would like us to send the product back again,you have the responsibility of shipping fee and handling charge.
2)When you receive the item,please be sure to check it before using. If the item is broken,different or the amount is not enough,keep the item without use and please contact us by email with item's photo as soon as possible.

Cancel policy

You can change and cancel your order before you pay.
You can't cancel your order ,exchange your order,return the item and refund the money after you pay.

Other notice

Is it required to show the prescription/Identification/Health insurance card?

Not required.

What is a private import(medicine)

According to the Japanese Pharmacy law,you can import medicine privately.It's not illegal. But the following things are prohibited by law.
1)You must use the item for personal usage.
2)You must not give the item to another person.
3)You must not sell the item in Japan.
4)You must follow the law that you can't import prescription medicine over the amount of one month

Can you advise to take a medicine?

According to the Japanese Pharmacy law,we can't advise you to take a medicine. Please confirm how to take a medicine by yourself before order items.

Is the item's quality good ?

We sell official products only.It may be different package and shape from Japanese prescription medicine.Because it made in foreign countries.But the quality is no problem,don't worry about that.
Sometimes product package or name(Especially Generic medicine) is changed,so it might be different from product photo or information on our web-site.But don't worry!We serve you equivalent to your order(ingredient,amount).

Do you have a product description?

When you order product in box or bottle,you often have a description about product.But most descriptions are written in English or Thai.When you order product in sheets or tablets,you don't have description.You should confirm how to take a medicine before your order.
No prescription
No identification
No health insurance
Shipping fee is free

*except special delivery