Health Insurance in Japan

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The cost of treatment and medicine at hospitals in Japan are covered by health insurance

When you go to a hospital in Japan, you may worry about fees.

Yes,your worries are right!

Do you know Health Insurance in Japan?

Japanese Health Insurance system is not only for Japanese but also for  foreign resident in Japan.

If you don’t have Health Insurance,the medical cost will take very expensive!

If you join the Health Insurance that issued by  the Japanese government, you only need to pay 30% of medical fees(Some people and treatment are exception).

Therefore,you need to pay monthly premium.

Type of Japanese Health Insurance

Japanese Health Insurance has two types,

  • National Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance

National Health Insurance“is for a self-employed(ex.agriculture,forestry,fishers and fleelance), or any other unemployed. The application by yourself is required to have “National Health Insurance”.

Health Insurance” is for the employed at the company. In usual,the company you work prepare the application of “Health Insurance“.

How to apply the “National Health Insurance” in Japan

This time I’ll tell you how to apply the “National Health Insurance(KOKUMIN KENKO HOKEN)“.

1.If you stay in Japan over 3 months, you have to join the National Health Insurance.(But if you don’t join this system, you are not prohibited.)

2.First you must register in the municipality you live(JU-MIN TO-ROKU).  Next, you should apply for the National Health Insurance in 14 days after you register your residency in your town.The application fee is free.

3.After your application is received,you can get “National Health Insurance Card“. Please inquire to the municipality  about the details.

You need “National Health Insurance(KOKUMIN KENKO HOKEN)” in Japan?

On the other hand,some people live in Japan may think about that…

“I don’t want to pay monthly premium,it’s too expensive for me.”

“I’m perfectly healthy,so I don’t go to hospital frequently.I don’t need National Health Insurance(KOKUMIN KENKO HOKEN)

“It’s hard to speak English and Japanese with doctors. National Health Insurance in Japan has no meaning for me.”

“I have no time to go hospital because I’m working everyday.I have no time to use National Health Insurance in Japan.”

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